What is Ranking of Frankfurt University ?

I have got Offer from University Of Frankfurt in Master's Program 'High Integrity Systems'.I have done BSc Computer Engineering before. Can anyone from Frankfurt University or else help me to answer the following questions?
1. Scope of this Master's Program 'High Integrity Systems' in Germany . Can i continue to my research in PhD after this program in Germany, also in which discipline?
2.What is ranking of Frankfurt university of applied sciences.
3. May i would be able to get part time or full time job after this program in Germany,also in which field?

The course title does not matter, the courses that you study do matter.
You must have a major subject, on that you will concentrate during your MS Thesis, that is what you have to decide according to your taste and the market value.
Job wise there is never problem in Frankfurt, it is the Financial Hub of Europe, if one can't find work in Frankfurt, then he won't find the work elsewhere in Germany.
By the way there is no such hard ranking system, no one cares from where have you finished your degree, because the caliber of most of the Universities is almost the same. Some are good in one field others are good in other field.
In case, if you don't like your University, you can change any time and switch to some other university.

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  1. Hi,

    I have done my computer engineering with six years of Mainframe testing and manual testing.Wanted to know if this course will help me as i would like to continue in testing and not in development.I dont have any interest in Development work and its not my cup of tea.What would the scope of a tester after this course.


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