What are the other Sources of Funding ?

I applied to GIM Erasmus Mundus program and received a mail today saying I was selected for self-funded program and they have asked to confirm acceptance by the end of this month.

1. I had applied for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship ? How come they have selected me for the self funded program ?
2. Does this mean i am in the reserve list ?
3. What are the other sources of funding ?

It is better if you ask them directly. Usually if they ask for self-funded acceptance when you are admitted to the program and may or may not be in the reserve list to get the scholarship. If you are not interested in joining self-funded then clearly state that in your reply and mention that you are not able to afford the self-funded program and would rather like to wait if in the reserve list.
First remember that GIS program & Erasmus Mundus funding are 2 different things. If you are selected for GIS system its mean you are selected for program. But not funding.......
Of course you are on reserve list for scholarship but there is only 1% possibilities that you will be select for scholarship also. This will only happens if some person deny to join program.
Yes, there may b opportunity for local funding or some other funding..Also for mobility in this program u will be funded up to 300 euro.
According to my knowledge these are possibilities.

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  1. I really appreciate your professional approach. These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.


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