Questions For Telephonic Interview

Can anobody please guide me that what (type of) questions are asked in telephonic interview for getting admission in Univ of Munich?? I have applied for MS in Communication System.

Answer :
TUM interview would be general and interviewer won't go deep into a particular topic. A general set of questions for both

Communication System and Electronics potential candidates could be:

1. About University/Program...
a. Why have you applied here
b. Where else have you applied
c. Your key interest in a particular field of Communication Systems or Electronics
d. About your job if you are doing now after you have completed your BS
e. Anything similar that you have written in your CV or SOP

2. Basics of Linear Algebra
a. How to solve system of linear equations.
b. What are under-determined, over-determined systems
c. Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors
d. Basis and Subspaces
e. Anything similar that you can think of

3. Basics of Probability
a. pdf, cdf, pmf .....
b. He may ask to name some discrete or continuous distributions.

4. Basics of Communication
a. Difference b/w FM and AM.
b. Different digital shift keying or modulation schemes
c. Difference b/w TDM and FDM
d. Name some Error detection or Correction codes. Difference b/w them.
e. Anything simpler like above that covers communication

5. Basics of Electronics
a. No. of Transistor used in constructing AND, OR gates using CMOS
b. Power dissipation in BJT and CMOS. Which one in better?
c. Some similar stuff that you can come across while reading my reply. ;)

6. Basics of Signal Processing
a. Use of Fourier, Laplace and Z Transforms
b. Difference between DFT and DTFT.
c. Band-limited and Time-limited Signals

7. Your future plans
a. Job or Ph. D

Another suggestion would be to visit interviewer's web page that would give you an idea about his field of interest and you may get to know what specific questions could he ask you.
Last year when we had been interviewed, it were the professors and it took around 30-40 min on phone.
This is just a guideline and I hope it would help you a little bit.

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