Any Suggestions For Good Accredited University is Highly Appreciated ?

I have done my Bachelors in Computer Science and I want to get into online tutoring, but I am not sure if my qualifications are just enough. I can tutor students up to 10+2 level on all subjects.I have applied to many online colleges but have not got any reply as of now. Does any one know of any online tutoring institutions which hire B Tech as well.Moreover I am also interested in doing my Masters in English online. Suggestions for good accredited university is highly appreciated.?

I occasionally see tutoring positions, but many of these institutions have knee-jerk reaction about a masters degree. Not infrequently, faculty are teachers, tutors and graders all. If you do get a masters in English then you'll be academically qualified to teach in that area, but you'll still have trouble being recognized in computer science.
I'm sorry to say it but you may want to look to career schools and community colleges directly. And thats if you can find something.
In this job market where they (colleges) used to be able to have a bachelors degree they can routinely ask masters degree. Universities want a minimum of a masters and they are routinely asking for doctorates.
I disagree with their system but thats the way it is. Even if you worked for a good many years in computer sciences they go for the academic credentials over experience. Get the masters if you can and tutor on the side. The good thing for you is you could have a bachelors degree in biology, get a masters in say Business and you look like you have all those years in business. It wont make you much money but I suspect you can probably teach math, programing and select application programs.


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