Why Do I Teach Online?

I teach online for the following reasons:

1. I have been teaching online full time for 7 years now. I would say the only complaint that I have is having to provide my own health/dental insurance, which for me is about $200 a month, and it has a really high deductible.
However, I make more money than if I taught for a face to face college, so overall, for me, the benefits outweigh anything else.

2. I just stumbled onto this thread. I also teach a COM class at Axia in the first year sequence, and I've had a good experience so far. The quality of my students swings widely, but I've had good experiences with the classes I've taught, and my reviews have been excellent. Yeah. :)
I heard bad things about UofP, but so far those fears have been unfounded. I actually really like how strict they are about what is expected of both facilitators and students. The expectations are very clear, and I have fewer issues with complaining students.


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