We Also Need to Upgrade Our Teaching Ethics

11. Education is extremely important but sadly that is not the panacea for the problems we have, Pakistan is being destroyed by educated or so called educated people. Most evil people I have encountered in life are educated people. Maybe we need to restructure the whole colonial education system and instill core values and bridge the void...s rooted deep in psychology of people for being enslaved and poverty stricken for a long time.

12. Some experts believe that due to the creation of a new commission, all degrees issued by Pakistani institutions would not be internationally accepted at face value despite any ‘stamp’ issued by the new body. This is because the world is carefully following the fake degree scandal of Pakistani parliamentarians and can see what the HEC’s dissolution entails.

13. We just not only need to generate education resources but we also need to upgrade our curriculum & teaching ethics. So our education system needs a complete makeover.

14. make necessary arrangement regarding " Nazra Quran " in private schools and govt schools already include in Islamic subjects,but no any results seen up to no in this regard, because when the children went back to home, they have been very tired, therefore they can not go to Madarsa. because they want to do rest in that time.

15. every one here is following the old education concepts even at higher lever of education.
what are we doing with ourselves guys....
why aren't we initiating to take a step for the betterment of our education system.
why we all need some experience??????
why don't we allow our new youth with new ideas in our education system?????


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