Parliamentarians have Decided to Close Down Higher Education Commission

16. We have done nothing in 63 years. Whatever we had done in 10 years is also on the verge of destruction. Splitting the HEC between the provinces means we are pushing our higher education sector 40 years back because they neither have the capacity nor vision to take their universities to the competitive level of 21st century.

17. Our course books should be according to modern times...not some fifty year old stuff like....FIVE KINGDOM SYSTEM IN BIOLOGY class has been ruled out a long time ago.....CHINA'S WAY TO PROGRESS...chapter from book 2 English second year...this topic was written more than thirty years ago... WE WANT MODERN EDUCATION...
they should be able to ask questions and look around critically and also be able to evaluate and judge the things rather than blindly accepting them as they are however ,i fully endorse your proposition that educational standards should be raised...being a teacher what i fee is that we should teach students critical learning and skepticism.

18. one more thing I want to add here, & this is most important thing, the Syllabus/ the literature, which is taught to children (the future dreams of Pakistan) that is totally useless, what I think at least it should cover the basics of the Society of Pakistan, so that when they grow up they know the basics on what they can move forward ...& could be True Patriotic Pakistani Teacher, Doctor, Engineer, Pilate, GM's, etc etc ... Please note I've mention the NOBLE PROFESSION " THE TEACHING " at very first, you know why ..... ????
because, when you ask any Pakistani Children what profession would you join in future ? he / she will answer Except the Noble Profession, which is Teaching.
This is very important Point for all of us if we think on it ..... !!!!
all are doctors, engineers, Pilots, ....... NO TEACHER .... WHERE ARE WE MOVING ?????

19. We have raised THE most important issue. Let me add to it. After talking to a few of people in different developed countries, and gathering some information from experienced teachers, I, personally, have came to a conclusion that this type of attitude among children is common throughout the world. Whoever, belongs to a good, decent family and is indulged in a good standard education, never prefers the occupation of teaching and would never want to occupy it unless the fortune thrusts it upon him. And I am talking about teaching at primary and secondary levels. 99% of the teachers fall into this occupation by mere incident but not their personal passion or interest. Please correct me if I am wrong in my perception.

20. Dear all a major issue needs our attention. Our fake degree holders or in other words parliamentarians have decided to close down higher education commission . We all need to protest against this. HEC contribution in bringing higher education to this country is remarkable and we need to support this cause.


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