Education is very important for Success of any Nation

1. Education is very important for success of any nation ,the nations who are not backward in their studies cannot become strong nations. In Pakistan education system is also not so much good, We must have to improve in this line for our and our beloved country welfare....!!!!

2. Another part of the failure of educational infrastructure is the treatment of non-teaching staff of what schools are operating. to go twenty months without being paid and still continue your job to support academics. Yet our collective failure to support and highlight such issues goes to show the state of denial we live in. if just one generals or one minister child was in that school, things would be different.

3. Ofcourse the education in Pakistan is very poor. there are so many reasons are behind that.. anywez we are working in district Tando Mohammad Khan to provide free and quality based education to poor male and female students from the platform of NGO named Shama Social development Organization(SSDO).

4. We should concentrate on the base of our new generation. There is no doubt that our literacy rate is very low. But even those who are educated do not have a good base. Consequently they cannot impart proper education to the society.

5. Our country need no revolution. All the thing which it needs is best education system and education for each and every person, each and every Pakistani should be literate. and after that the revolution will occur by itself.

6. many ideas but difficult to fulfill, need a team work and a strong effort.First of all we all, who are acquiring education should be honest to it, do not play with education and do not take it easy rather take it interesting. and secondly keep trying to aware as many people to get education as you can do. And moreover help those who need financial support to get education.

7. we must implement the education emergency in my beloved country pakistan, because, education is a root cause of each and every problem caused in my beloved country, i am also interested in spreading the good quality education and i also need a plate form to spread this mission. because education is our future and strong Pakistan our ultimate goal.

8.Remember that for a man or a woman two things are very important and can never be taken always ..... the first is your soul and the second is your education. Wherever you go,wherever you be on earth, if you are well-educated it is an asset which you have to yourself and no one can take it away from you. without Eduction just like blind so, give eduction & and get eduction never be behind.

9. Education must be the matter of life and death for Pakistanis as the founder of the nation highlighted the very emergency at the beginning of the journey of Pakistan.

10.For a better future we have to solve are current problems and the 1 and only way is education so we have to provide education to every single child because these children will lead future Pakistan.


  1. No doubt, Education is the only solution for every problem of our homeland.But it is not the way,that we advertise only the names of commercial Universities.Majority of the uneducated people belongs to the class who do not meet the needs of their 2 time food. So if we have passions and we r sencior enough.we should establish Trust Institutions or give & advertise the addresses of Trust Institutions to solve this problem of Pakistan in true spirit.

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