Do you want to become a Marine Biologist?

Are you only willing to go Penn State University or St. Vincent College.? You are so set on being a Marine Biologist, but Penn State is where You want to go and they don't offer that major - they only offer Biology. Is there any way can still become a marine biologist by still going to either universities?
I don't know exactly but i will tell you just because your a marine biologist doesn't mean you will be studying marine animals and almost every marine biologist studies things like allergy and stuff like that.
Marine biology is more of a grad school specialty than an undergrad major - a few schools offer it as a major, but you're much better off majoring in biology anyway. Read this site written by a college professor of marine biology before setting your heart on this career.
And don't constrict your search to two schools, or you might end up being very disappointed. Most people would be happy at most schools. If you're only interested in two and won't go to college otherwise, you are not going to college for the right reasons.


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