Most Popular Questions for Interview ?

Here are a few questions you could expect, but of course it depends on the level of the program and the topic, as well as the institution's culture.

Why do you want to teach?

What is your teaching philosophy?

How do you handle conflict?

Describe your approach to time management.

Have you ever had to deal with academic dishonesty? What happened and what did you do?

What has been your most/least fulfilling moment in teaching?

What do you do to stay current in your topic area(s)?

What does academic freedom mean to you?

What do you know about our institution/programs?

What would you do if a student started missing class OR What would you do if a student's performance in your class had a marked change?

Make sure before you interview that you review the institution's website to understand its culture. Review its student materials, especially the institutional catalog if you can get a copy. Also check out the accrediting body because that will help you understand some of the operational and academic expectations.


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