What about the Work Permit in Germany?

1)Can I bear expensive in Germany with tuition fee and others.Means odd jobs available there
It varies from city to city but in general the situation is little better than other European countries but still its hard to say that one can manage everything from odd jobs specially in the start like 1st semester.

2)What about the work permit there and how much time???.
It is half time, i mean one can work 180 days a year half time..but generally in odd jobs they don't care that much and if you found student job in university that would be a good option as well (but please confirm this from others)

3)What about German language.Is it mandatory or not for student visa or work permit
it is not mandatory for student visa in general but it depend on your university.

It also depends on city to city and university to university. In some university, u will have pay tuition fee up to 600Euro while in others only 300euro per semester. Odd jobs depends on city. Language problem also depends on city. In short, you need 400 to 500 euro monthly for living in Germany and to get visa, you will have to deposit about 7-8Lac Pakistani Rupees ( you can see exact amount on German embassy Pakistan web page) but you can use this money in Germany.

so my advice is, first apply for admission in different universities and after getting admission in more than 1 university, you can ask for further details.


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