14 years old kid wants to go College

Even though he is only 14 years old, everyone keeps asking his what college he wanna go to !
ever since when he was about 7 years old he have known that he wanted to go to Princeton University.
but until about a week ago, he realized something, he don't want to go to Princeton University because
1) it's too big.
2) he have to be crazy smart.
3) University is far from his home.
he asks to me that
" i know i wanna go to a small/medium sized college, i know i wanna be a teacher, psychologist, or a photographer.
if you know colleges that are small/medium sized and where i can take those majors please let me know "
I give his an Idea
First of all, If you are thinking that you are under 14 age don't worry so much. You should be enjoying your childhood. Just try to do the best you can in school so you have plenty of options, and don't worry yet about career or school. When you are a junior in high school you will have to start thinking about this stuff. For now, enjoy being young !
But, if you choose to ignore the above advice, here are a couple things you might consider:
I am currently a psychologist, and I was a professional photographer before going to grad school for psychology. Your career choices are wonderful! However, none of them make a ton of money. Go to a state school. They are widely respected and much less expensive. That is, unless your parents are rich. In that case, go wherever.
Don't go deeply into debt to get your education. If your parents are paying for your education, it should be up to them where you go. If they are not, then definitely go to a state school. Work while you are in school and pay for your classes as you go.
You are a great kid - you must be to be thinking about this already. I still say, let it go for a couple more years.


  1. Wow, what a mature kid. Anyway you give him the best advide: enjoy your childhood. Shame that kids nowadays want to grow so early...

  2. I think the 14 year kid is you. and showing your name Hina..


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